Arizona Developmental Screening County Referral Roadmaps


Arizona Qualified Providers MCHAT-R/F and PEDS Tool Training and Certification

If you are a qualified provider and you would like to receive certification for either the M-CHAT-R/F or the PEDS developmental screening tools, please view the trainings at the links provided below.  Once you have completed the training, download and send the corresponding completed from to the ArizonaLEND program.  You must receive a passing score of 80% or higher.  Certification is provided for a $30 fee.

PEDS Developmental Screening Tool

  • PEDS Web Training
  • PEDS Certification Form

M-CHAT-R/F Developmental Screening Tool

  • M-CHAT-R/F Web Training
  • M-CHAT-R/F Certification Form



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