The Disability Policy Seminar, held in Washington, DC each Spring, provides experiences related to policy development and advocacy on a national level

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    Annual Leadership, Team Building and Conflict Resolution workshops are conducted with each new cohort of LEND trainees and fellows

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    ArizonaLEND faculty and trainees volunteer their services at HopeFest 2015

The University of Arizona Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (ArizonaLEND) is a leadership training program that prepares the next generation of policy makers, faculty, clinicians and researchers to lead the maternal and child health workforce.


Autism STEAM Camp

Morgan Kern, ArizonaLEND fellow and master's student in the Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, helped coordinate a camp for children and adolescents with autism.

Cross Border Tour in Nogales, Mexico

The University of Arizona LEND and Pediatric Pulmonary Center took trainees and faculty on a Cross Border Tour to Nogales, Mexico.

ArizonaLEND at the Disability Policy Seminar

ArizonaLEND Faculty and Trainees (Laura Rodriguez, Jennifer Casteix, Araceli Olivas, Chelsey Tarazi, John Day, Andrea Moreno and Curby Sickmon) attended the Disability Policy Seminar in Washington, DC. While there, they learned about important issues affecting the disability community and had a chance to meet with Members of Congress on Capitol Hill.