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About ArizonaLEND

Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) Programs are graduate-level interdisciplinary leadership training programs federally funded through the Maternal Child Health Bureau (MCHB).  The purpose of The University of Arizona LEND (ArizonaLEND) training program is to produce leaders and innovators in the field of autism and other neurodevelopmental and related disabilities who are solidly grounded in their own disciplines and able to work collaboratively with colleagues in interdisciplinary settings, and to prepare trainees to anticipate, manage, and take advantage of changes in knowledge and health care delivery systems. ArizonaLEND will accomplish this by preparing trainees from diverse professional disciplines to assume leadership roles in their respective fields and by insuring high levels of interdisciplinary clinical competence.

ArizonaLEND provides education and training to long-term trainees in the following areas: clinical knowledge (clinical expertise, and interdisciplinary process), leadership, collaboration and research. Trainees are involved in supervised clinical experiences with a wide variety of disorders and will receive individual mentoring that yields an individualized approach.  ArizonaLEND training emphasizes interdisciplinary interaction, intensive leadership training and public health approaches.  Long-term trainees will receive compensation through tuition and fees or stipend.

So, why would you want to invest time into an ArizonaLEND traineeship?

  • LEND graduates are well-respected and highly marketable throughout the country. 
  • LEND graduates are in leadership positions at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), National Institutes for Health (NIH), the Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD) and other University Centers of Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD’s), Title V agencies, and more
  • LEND graduates have also become LEND faculty

What is required as an ArizonaLEND trainee?

  • 300 + hours of training divided into areas of Leadership, Research and Clinical Training
    • Weekly seminars held throughout one academic year
  • Intensive Leadership Training with a 3-day Workshop prior to the beginning of the fall semester and 1-day Conflict Management seminar prior to the spring semester
  • Clinical experiences during the training year with 1-day experiences in each of the following:
    • Border Health
    • Indian Health
    • Interdisciplinary multi-specialty medical care


Summer Research Opportunities

Summer Research Opportunities

The Pediatric Multidisciplinary Research Unit takes summer interns in high school, undergraduate and graduate programs or volunteers.