Sarah Cole

If I could express in words the number of ways children with autism and other developmental differences have enriched my life, I could write the world’s longest book! What I will say is how privileged I feel to have been welcomed into the homes of so many unique and exceptional families, to learn from each other how to participate in life as joyfully and skillfully as possible. As a pediatric occupational therapist the majority of my experience has been in providing services within home-based early intervention settings. I have observed first hand the necessity of a supportive service delivery system, where multiple disciplines collaborate effectively to provide the highest possible care for these children. Honored and excited to be part of this phenomenal leadership program, I look forward to cultivating the skills necessary to support and advocate for families not only in the home but on a community, state and national level as well.  I sincerely thank the directors and faculty of AZLEND for this amazing opportunity.