Ryan Davidson

I am a clinical psychology doctoral candidate, with a focus in child psychology and behavioral medicine. Much of my research has focused on families involved in the stressful and sometimes chaotic legal system. I work with several community partners in designing and implementing studies to help increase our understanding of the impact of early life stress on young children. 

Clinically, I have worked in community mental health, child outpatient clinics, and am now working in a behavioral medicine setting. My interest in children with neurodevelopmental disorders began as I worked with these families and noticed the amount of stress they are under. My clinical work focuses on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) as a tool to help those struggling with chronic illnesses, neurodevelopmental disorders, and other stressors live a valued-life. For many of the individuals and families that I work with, there are many factors that are out of their control. ACT provides a framework to help them continue to live a meaningful and valued-life, no matter what curveballs life throws at them. 

AZLEND will provide me the opportunity to expand my understanding of the struggles these families go through. In addition, AZLEND will provide further opportunities to work in an interprofessional which is vital when conducting research in community settings.