Lauren Meyer

It is an honor to participate in the ArizonaLEND Fellowship program and learn from those who are enthusiastic and engaged in their work with children and families.  As a fourth year doctoral student studying school psychology, I view this fellowship as an opportunity to gain new skills in interdisciplinary collaboration and community engagement, specifically in the areas of research and clinical practices related to neurodevelopmental disorders.  My research interests include social-emotional learning, crisis intervention and prevention, and positive psychology interventions, particularly in how they interact with long-term student success.  I have experience as an advocate for mental health initiatives in the local Tucson community and at the national level with agencies such as Tu Nidito Children and Family Services and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  Clinically, I have led assessments and evidence-based interventions in school and community mental health settings, in addition to having experience with building curriculum around prevention-based objectives.  I look forward to engaging with the ArizonaLEND team to learn new ways to support children and their families through advocacy and leadership.