Jody M. Bartz, PhD

I was proud to be part of the first AZLEND Trainee cohort (2011-2012)—what an incredible experience. During my year as a trainee, I ‘stretched’ the limits of technology—during the fall semester, I connected remotely from the U of A South campus in my hometown of Douglas, Arizona (2.5 hours away from Tucson) and during the spring semester, while on my externship, I connected remotely from the University of Washington in Seattle, WA! Talk about accommodating! My discipline is Special Education and I had the great fortune of having Dr. McGrath as my faculty advisor. She always made time for me and allowed me to ‘spread my wings’ when it came to ideas for my research, leadership, and family mentorship projects. My experience as an AZLEND trainee was amazing—I made professional connections within my own state and across the country (I was the AUCD Virtual Trainee this time as well), I attended a variety of conferences, and I get to brag that I was part of the first AZLEND cohort! I loved being a LEND trainee—the rigor of the program, the excitement amongst the trainees, the networking and professional connections, and the unbelievable support I received all made it MORE than worth my while! Good luck future trainees!