Debby Urken

Debby Urken is a Master of Social Work student at Arizona State University/Tucson. She received her B.A. in psychology and brain and behavioral science from Cornell University. For the past six years, Debby has worked as a long-term care case manager serving low-income children and adults with disabilities who live at home.  As a case manager, Debby works to ensure her clients have access to the medical care, behavioral health care and other services they need in order to maintain their health. She also strives to help each client learn more about their condition and develop and reach their personal goals.
In addition to working as a case manager, Debby has led expressive arts, writing and movement groups for adults with mental illness and other populations in Tucson for 7 years.  In these groups, Debby worked to help group members increase their self-awareness and understand themselves better.  Debby is currently working on a research project evaluating the effectiveness of a self-compassion writing intervention for adults living with mental illness.  Debby is excited to learn more about working with children with neurodevelopmental disorders and to expand her leadership capabilities through the LEND program.