John Day, DMD, MS

Dr. John Day is a faculty member of the Lutheran Medical Center Advanced Specialty Education Program in Pediatric Dentistry where he coordinates the orthodontic didactic and clinical experiences for the Pediatric Dental Residency and Training Program, located at the El Rio Dental Clinic in Tucson.  Dr. Day has been a member of the Orofacial Treatment Team at the Children’s Clinics since 1986 and participated in the reorganization of the Children’s Clinics to conform to a Medical Home Model dedicated to delivering family-centered, coordinated medical and health services to children and families with complex medical conditions. Today, the Children’s Clinics provides a family-centered, comprehensive medical home to meet the special needs of children and families.  Additionally, Dr. Day has been an orthodontic specialty care provider for Arizona’s Comprehensive Medical and Dental, Developmental Disabilities Programs and Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Programs.

Trainees Mentored

Manu Alexander, DDS   (August, 2013 to April, 2014)
Lindsay Don, DDS   (August, 2011 to May, 2012)
Johnny Icely   (August, 2016 to May, 2017)
Priscilla Rivera   (August, 2017 to May, 2018)