Parent-Professional Partnerships Workshop

Sat, 03/05/2016 - 8:00am to 12:45pm


Parent - Professional Partnerships Workshop

(Kim Brossart and Angela Rosenberg)


·         Understand the power of inclusion and exclusion in forming parent-professional partnerships

·         Enhance reflective listening skills

·         Understand the importance of the narrative in creating a parent-professional understanding as well as in achieving             patient satisfaction

·         Review concepts of how to facilitate optimal understanding in delivering health care messages

·         Explore health theory and the concepts of health beliefs in facilitating patient trust, understanding and optimal                 outcomes


Suggested Readings:

1)     Doctors and Nurses, Not Learning Together, New York Times, April, 2014

2)     Why Doctors Need Stories, New York Times Opinion; October, 2014

3)     Implications of Childhood Autism for Parental Employment and Earnings; Pediatrics, 2012. April 129(4): 617 – 623

Event Location: 
Banner-University Medical Center 1501 N. Campbell Avenue Third Floor, Room 3303 (Pediatric Boardroom)
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Faculty Presenter: 
Kim Brossart, MPH
Angela Rosenberg, DrPH, PT, BCC
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Parent-Professional Partnerships Workshop
Faculty Presenter Temp: 
Kim Brossart, MPH; Angela Rosenberg, DrPH, PT, BCC