Physical Therapy

Emily Gaylord, DPT

My experience as a pediatric physical therapist has demonstrated the importance of early referrals for children with developmental delays. As an advocate for early intervention, I hope that the AZLEND program will provide me with additional tools to learn and grow professionally in the field of maternal and child health- specifically in border communities and under-served areas in our state. I plan to use the skills I gain through the LEND program to develop an effective leadership role in order to support and advocate for the children, families, and communities I work with. 

Karen Spiegel

Working with children with neurodevelopmental disabilities and their families both in the school and clinical setting, I have learned first hand the value of an interdisciplinary team to successful programming and treatment.

Sarah Michalek, BS

I am interested in being an AZLEND trainee because I am passionate about social justice and feel that the AZLEND MCH Training Program will help me as a healthcare professional learn to practice in a more socially just manner. I hope to be a licensed Physical Therapist in my hometown and continue my social justice education; and, be a socially responsible health care provider who educates not only other health care professionals but also the community and society as a whole. 

Kara Shutt

I am interested in the AZLEND program because it provides a unique opportunity for developing professionals to become leaders in their disciplines, and to help forge connections between other disciplines in order to best serve children with disabilities. I believe that AZLEND provides an opportunity to explore health care as it could be, and perhaps, in the future how it will be.

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